Landoy Risk Management Consultants

Landoy Risk Management Consultants Ltd was established in 2006 by Mr. Zvika Landoy, Adv., who also holds an MBA and a Master's degree in Economics.

Mr. Landoy has been providing consulting services in risk management and insurance for more than 25 years.

The firm specializes in providing unique consulting services in the area of non-life insurance and in risk management. It maintains business relations with all leading insurance companies in Israel, as well as with many insurers and brokers worldwide. It operates independently, designing the most advantageous solution for each of its clients, to optimally meet their specific needs.

Landoy Risk Management Consultants' areas of expertise encompass all types of non-life insurance, including, among other, directors' and officers' liability, professional indemnity, property and business interruption, contractors' all risks and all other liability insurances, as well as product liability, clinical trials, aviation, etc.

The firm serves public and private sector clients operating in the local and global market and active in diverse fields such as; heavy and light industry, construction, infrastructure, real estate, logistics, hi-tech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, aviation and more.

For further information please contact our office +972 3 7517706 or email